Emperor Trump Establishes Fortress America

In the few short days following his inauguration, Donald Trump has signed seventeen Executive orders. They signaled the world that the nation that epitomized strength, dependability, concern and compassion would soon cease to exist. It will be replaced by an isolated, paranoid, Fortress America that will abandon many of the less fortunate both abroad and […]

Kellyanne Conway is a Fraud!

It is always interesting to me that the people who complain most loudly about campaign ethics violations, or of flip-flopping candidates are often guilty of those infractions themselves. The Premier Trump spokesperson, Kellyanne Conway seems to be a master of double-speak and of questionable integrity. For months she was a key aide to Senator Ted […]

The Tweets Heard Round the World

With his approval rating down around 40 percent, he is the most unpopular incoming President since polling began. Now you might ask, “So what? Who cares if his popularity goes down he’s been elected and he’s in office?” There’s a lot of truth to that statement, he has been elected and he does hold office, but a President cannot do much alone. He needs the support of the congress.