Trump V Intelligence — Intelligence Loses

intelligence-cartoionSeventeen (17)  U.S. Intelligence agencies are absolutely positive that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for his government’s hacking of the American Democratic Party and other U.S. websites.  The Congress of the United States and nearly everyone else agrees, everyone that is, except President Elect Donald Trump.

Apparently, Mr. Trump has sources of information that are far superior to thecia-logo Multi-billion dollar U.S. spying system that employs thousands of people has multi-million dollar state of the art computers, spy satellites, spy ships and airplanes and spy agencies within the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.  and even real live spy people. In researching this topic I found no evidence that Donald Trump has any link to any spy agency that might furnish him with the kind of information the U.S. has. Unless his pal Vladimir Putin is giving him information, but then that would be dis-information.

U.S. intelligence activities are funded in two ways. One is through the National Intelligence Program (NIP) while the other is the Military Intelligence Program (MIP). The most recent year for which I could find a listing was 2013 where NIP got about $52.6 billion. They don’t say how it is spent because that is classified information.

I found MIP funding for the same year listed as $19.2 Billion, but again we don’t know where that money goes either, due to its classified nature.

The U.S. spends about $73 billion dollars on spying activities. The Donald’s total wealth is estimated at between $4 and 10 billion. He couldn’t afford to buy any of the intelligence that is being furnished to him free of charge. Why does he still refuse to believe it?

Logic dictates that if you reject information from a source it is probably because you have better information from another more dependable source. That same logic then says that Mr. Trump who will soon be President owes it to the nation to share the special intelligence so that we are not acting on information that is incorrect. To not do so is the same as withholding evidence that affects our national security. Any reasonable person must come to the same conclusion.

oath-of-officeOnce Mr. Trump takes the oath of office the situation becomes even more serious. If he does not share that information he would be seen as providing aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States and that is an impeachable offense and probably qualifies as treason.

Mr. Trump’s behavior with regard to Russian Government hacking is unexplainable, it is undefinable, it is like a Rod Serling story from the Twilight Zone. There is nothing in the entire history of the United States that even begins to compare to this bizarre behavior.  There is no single word that applies to this situation. I know, I just spent the night trying to find one.

The intelligence briefing situation is just another in a long line of Trump’s mind boggling reactions to helpful suggestions.His favorite word is “disaster.” He uses it often to define any person, program or event that doesn’t measure up to his undefined expectations and ironically it applies to him. President-Elect Donald Trump is a walking disaster, which is the only word that comes close to including his misogynistic, narcissistic, racist, sexist and arrogant behavior. His hubris knows no bounds.

I know that someone is going to accuse me of name calling and that’s fine. If you can’t see through the confusion created by this man and the potential danger that confusion brings with it, then I am engaged in name calling. The fact of the matter is I’m trying to describe him. Perhaps indescribable is an appropriate term, but it is too kind. It doesn’t take into consideration his grandiosity and refusal to admit there is something he doesn’t know. His history has made it clear that whatever subject is being discussed Trump thinks he knows it better than the experts.

Perhaps looking at individual words might help. Take Narcissism for example. I found this on Wikipedia and it was not written recently, but whoever wrote it must have known Donald Trump personally.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by their persistent grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and a disdain and lack of empathy for others. These individuals often display arrogance, a sense of superiority, and power-seeking behaviors. Narcissistic personality disorder is different from having a strong sense of self-confidence; people with NPD typically value themselves over others to the extent that they disregard the feelings and wishes of others and expect to be treated as superior regardless of their actual status or achievements. In addition, people with NPD may exhibit fragile egos, an inability to tolerate criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in an attempt to validate their own superiority.

When I saw the story today about Trump again rejecting the infromation provided by the hubrisintelligence community, I was stunned. The people who conducted that briefing have spent their lives in the business, some have done so far as to risk their lives to gather the information they are providing him. How do you describe someone like that? Again I searched for words and the only one I found that is repeatable in polite company is Hubris. If you wonder what that is it is extreme arrogance or pride.

The President-elect’s  arrogance is so pronounced that he cannot accept the fact that he doesn’t know everything, so when presented with new ideas he rejects them, just as when he is criticized he attacks. It is all about who is in charge and The Donald must be in charge. What bothers me is that he might risk our lives in order to stay in charge.

Last night I heard someone call the President-Elect an ignoramus. so I looked that up, too. Ignoramus; a person who knows nothing. Well, that may be too strong, he must know something after all he is a billionaire so he probably knows the combination to his safe and maybe the numbers to his Cayman Islands bank account. In further researching the word I found this.

Ignoramus is the title of a farce by George Ruggle (1575-1622) that was first produced in 1615. The title character, whose name in Latin literally means “we do not know,” is a lawyer who fancies himself to be quite shrewd but is actually foolish and ignorant. Ruggle may have been inspired in his choice of name for his character by a proceeding in the English judicial system. The term ignoramus was written on bills of indictment when the evidence presented seemed insufficient to justify prosecution.

An ignoramus is often described as: Obstinate, headstrong, willful, obdurate, difficult, perverse, recalcitrant, inflexible and uncompromising. Gosh, those are some of the same words that are synonyms for Hubris.

putinWhen this mountain of evidence of Putin’s direct involvement in hacking us was revealed to Trump he still steadfastly refused to accept it as true. That can only lean you to one of two conclusions. One is that everything I said before this sentence is absolutely accurate – that he is just an ignoramus or, and this is most likely, there’s something Putin has on Trump.

I have come to believe that Trump’s past relationship with Russian interests, has left him exposed and he’s afraid to take on Putin for selfish reasons. The August 2, 2016 issue of Time magazine does a pretty good job of identifying Trump’s links to Russia. The magazine says:

Yes, it’s true that Trump has failed to land a business venture inside Russia. But the real truth is that, as major banks in America stopped lending him money following his many bankruptcies, the Trump organization was forced to seek financing from non-traditional institutions. Several had direct ties to Russian financial interests in ways that have raised time-mageyebrows. What’s more, several of Trump’s senior advisors have business ties to Russia or its satellite politicians.

“The Trump-Russia links beneath the surface are even more extensive,” Max Boot wrote in the Los Angeles Times. “Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him following his multiple bankruptcies.”

What’s more, three of Trump’s top advisors all have extensive financial and business ties to Russian financiers, wrote Boot, the former editor of the Op Ed page of the Wall Street Journal and now a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.”

So, while Donald Trump is a narcissist he is not an ignoramus. He’s smart, tricky smart and he’s using us to achieve his own ends. Trump is the embodiment of my recurring nightmare in which a corrupted sociopath is elected President of the United States.

I am perfectly serious when I say, I hope we can survive him. I hope, but with little confidence because he will soon be nose to nose with someone who shares his kim-jong-unpersonality. Someone who cannot be wrong, someone who cannot stand to be corrected, someone who needs to exercise absolute power and someone with a hair-trigger temper — that someone is Kim Jong Un and he has nukes, too.

And that’s the truth!

2 thoughts on “Trump V Intelligence — Intelligence Loses

  1. It’s a terrifying prospect on so many fronts that it’s impossible to list them all. I hope we can survive him too…but I don’t hold a lot of hope. If he isn’t impeached for his conflicts of interests, the treason thing ought to do it. His think skin and desire for unpredictability (does he think we’re toddlers who need to be entertained? oh wait… that’s HIM) – make him so very dangerous. Thanks, Bob, for an excellent piece… please keep talking!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good, Bob, except that I don’t think Un is a real problem. I’m sure that we could shoot down anything he could send up, that China doesn’t want a rain of U.S. missiles coming that close to them, or that Un himself isn’t suicidal.
    Putin blackmailing Herr Drumpf is something else.

    When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.


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