Donald Trump and the Fear Mongers

“(The leaders) intellectual acts are strong and independent even in isolation and his will need no reinforcement from others … (He) loves no one but himself, or other people only insofar as they serve his needs.”
Freud, Sigmund, “Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego”

cartoon.pngPresident Trump and his team of fear mongers have taken charge of the nation. They are telling us to be afraid of Mexicans, Muslims, Democrats, the press and of each other. The words hope and optimism are foreign to them just as the words truth, ethics and integrity cause them to go into shock.

While Mr. Trump won the Presidency fairly by getting more electoral votes than his opponent that is not enough. He cannot come to grips with the fact that he received three million fewer popular votes than his opponent. As a result, he had to invent voter fraud on a scale so outrageous as to be absurd. According to the Trump team from 3 to 5 million votes were cast by illegal aliens and dead people and it appears as though every single one of them voted against Donald Trump and most of them live or are dead in California. Nowhere is there any credible evidence that this contention is true, but Mr. Trump says it is and his followers believe it.

This blog is about power and fear. It is about a narcissistic psychopathic leader. The history of the world is filled with them. You might recognize the names of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte. More contemporary names include Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot.

Mr. Trump’s inner circle is consumed by fear caused, I think, by three phobias that influence their governance. They are:

  1. Metathesiophobia – the fear of change, any kind of change. It causes paralysis. Itfear-1 is easier to move in reverse than to face and accept change. While Obamacare was far from perfect, it provided for pre-existing conditions, extended insurance for children and coverage for millions who had none. The mongers though will repeal it all without a hint of a replacement plan, because to replace means that Obamacare had some necessary elements and they can’t stand that thought.
  1. Atychiphobia – The fear of failure. It is what fear 2.jpgdrives fear mongers away from change. Many of these people feel they are perfect and when you are perfect you cannot face failure, it is the ultimate disgrace and it is terrifying. It is why the man who lost the popular vote had to have an inauguration crowd that was the largest in history and why millions of dead and illegal aliens voted for his opponent, but not a single one of them voted for the accuser.
  2. Xenophobia – The fear of the unknown. It is why xebiogibuayou see fear mongers oppose almost any progressive change. Dealing with an unknown like the future means you must give up the comfort of the status quo. These people are perfectly happy with the inadequacies and failings of today and yesterday no matter how bad because they fear the future could be so much worse. They never ever have an optimistic view. For them, tomorrow carries with it the threat of uncertainty and they’d rather be certain of injustice against others, than risk inconvenience to themselves.

To gain and then stay in power these sociopathic tyrants must make us so afraid we are forced to not only accept their rule but cling to them. They give us reasons to hate and fear even when there are none and those reasons give government cause to modify and then eliminate liberties. The fear mongers cannot handle resistance and will crack down hard on anyone who even appears to be working against them. Their refuge is almost always an appeal for law and order.

Fear mongers like Donald Trump must control every moment in time and will argue a losing cause by making up information to uphold their point of view as he did with the election results and the number of people attending his inauguration.

mexicans-at-borderMr. Trump exudes fear. He is afraid of the Mexicans crossing the border, the Chinese stealing our jobs, the Japanese and the South Koreans for causing us to defend them and wasting our money and the Europeans and NATO nations for not paying their fair share. The only nation he does not seem to fear is Russia and it is the only nation with the means to really threaten us.

Mostly he seems to fear positive change and his string of executive orders that cancel those issued by the previous President is evidence of that fear. Trump and his fear mongers believe that while the present may not be great, the future will likely be worse so we should avoid getting there at all costs. They believe in Make America Great Again because it takes them to a day when women and minorities knew their place, people didn’t question authority and life was more peaceful.

Fear mongers live in an Alternative Reality. They would have us believe that there are bogeymen behind every bush and under every bed and seem to think that hope, is in fact, a disguised monster that would devour us if we grasp it too tightly.

The fear mongers loathe good news and good ideas. They can take an idea like free men-marriededucation and turn it into rat poison. They want us to believe that if two men marry each other, all traditional marriages will dissolve or sink into some pornographic cesspool. They would have us believe that asking for greater control over civilian ownership of military style weapons is a threat to civil liberties rather than a threat to human life even though they see almost nightly pictures of segments of society mowed down in cold blood. The sight of grieving parents holding the lifeless bodies of their children does not affect them anywhere near as much as the sign that says, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

The fear mongers would have you believe that it is ok to take away some of our liberties in order “to preserve” them, like limiting the internet, restricting media coverage and your right to know, and – forbidding Muslims entry to the United States.  They conveniently ignore the illegality and unprecedented nature of these moves.  To them, the bill of rights is the bill of wrongs.

The great philosopher Plato said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when grown men are afraid of the light.”

bill-of-rightsThe fear mongers have worked hard to get where they are and finally they own the seat of power of the richest nation on earth. They no longer have to depend on word of mouth and Breitbart and Drudge and Fox to spread their poison. Now they have all of the machinery of the most powerful government on the planet to do that for them. The mother’s milk is now poisoned with alternative truths and we can only hope some of the children are immune and can survive. And if they do, maybe those few can breathe new life into the edict that says, “Congress shall make no law….”

And from where I sit, that’s the truth!bob-2

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump and the Fear Mongers

  1. I don’t totally disagree with you about President Trump. I believe he does have a problem with Atychiphobia which you laid out very well. But I disagree with you on other points. I don not think he is afraid of Mexico or China or South Korea and all the others. What he is, is tired of these countries taking advantage of the U.S. in trade and illegal immigration. I don’t believe his staff are fear mongers, that’s ridiculous. Did you listen to the Vice President today speaking at the Anti Abortion rally? Did you listen to the President talking at the conference with the Prime Minister from Britain? What they said was all positive. They were looking forward to a brighter future. As for allowing Muslims into our country; would you rather go with what Hillary wanted to do and increase the amount of people in from Syria and Iraq by 500%? That is why France, Germany, Belgium and the others are having all the problems that they are having. There are things to be afraid of to be sure like North Korea and ISIS. But he is not afraid to fail or look for a brighter future for America. I remember is slogan was ‘Make America Great Again.’ Something ironic just crossed my mind, all of those caps that he sold, and gave out were made in China.
    Anyway I agree with some of your points and disagree with what you see as President Trumps intentions. I think he is going to try to make our country great again
    I think your blog is very well written several times better than I could do. I intend to keep reading and disagreeing at times.
    By the way where do you stand on gun control? I would think being in Minnesota you are against gun control. In one short sentence let me tell you where I stand. I am against the following: thirty round clips, private citizens having fully automatic weapons, a weapon like a grenade launcher class or bazooka or persons with a mental condition be able to purchase a weapon. But I digress from the point you made today. Time for me to shut my mouth, get off my soap box and allow you back on.

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    1. Ted, I am very pleased that you find my posts worth reading and am particularly happy that you took the time to comment. Whether you agree or disagree is not important, that you took the time to read and comment is most pleasing and helpful. Comments help me decide on future posts and even to adjust my thinking. I understand that the talk is sometimes positive coming from the Trump people, but I’m more interesting in action, in what they actuallly do and how that turns out. I wish him great success. I do not want him to fail because if he does, we all do. As to Gun control, that is a different topic to be sure, but I agree with your position. Thanks again for reading and commenting. Bob

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