A Letter to President Trump About Mexicans and Muslims

  Dear Mr. President, I am a 78-year-old second generation American. My Grandparents and some Uncles and Aunts came from Sweden and Italy and were proud to become naturalized American Citizens. My Italian Uncle, Sante Mario Pancotti carried his citizenship papers with him almost everywhere, hoping someone would ask to see them. That’s how proud […]

Living Without a First Amendment

Journalism is a dangerous business. In 2016 seventy-four journalists gave their lives while trying to gather news for you. 19 of them were killed while covering the war in Syria. People do a lot of complaining about the media, few recognize it as a dangerous job.  An NBC reporter, Katy Tur, was covering a Donald […]

Trump — A Presidency in Crisis

The Trump Administration is creating one crisis after another and all because Mr. Trump couldn’t wait to hit the ground running. The problem is that he didn’t have a plan or a destination. In his haste to change everything, he has made several strategic and tactical blunders, blunders that you and I will have to […]