Impeachment — What It Is and How It Is Done

The FBI is investigating the Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. election. When FBI director James Comey made that announcement he also said that the agency would be looking into any possibilities of collusion with the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign. It is as likely as not that the FBI will find involvement on the part […]

Comey and Rogers Drop Bombshells on Trump

Today I watched the entire U.S. House Intelligence Committee hearing staring FBI Director James Comey and NSA (National Security Agency) Director Mike Rogers for the entire span of the meeting. It was nearly six hours long and could have ended shortly after Comey read his prepared statement because that was the news and all the […]

An Essay on Fanaticism

All of us know fanatics – people who believe so strongly in a person or cause that there is no reasoning with them. Either you see things their way or you are a fool. Fanatics will not listen, will not consider other opinions and will not change their minds even if you present them with […]