Trump’s Tweets — A Form of Emotional Terrorism

anxiety and panicThe United States is in a state of constant and growing anxiety due to the incessant tweeting of our President.  Donald Trump seems to generate a fresh “Breaking News” story every couple of hours. Each new revelation sucks all the oxygen from the air and causes us to forget the last headline grabbing announcement. They come so rapidly the central processing units in our cranial computers can’t keep up and crash with great regularity causing further weakening of our emotional stability. The experience is made more intense by backfiring tweets that modify or contradict those the President posted earlier. He is a pro and con factory all by himself – a one-man debate tournament in which he wins and loses his own arguments. A great many Americans see reality as being a choice between acceptance of the “normalcy” of his tweets and the numbing protection of insanity.

The President’s conflicts with his own positions make him look like a man who is trying to dance after someone secretly tied his shoelaces together. The firing of former FBI Director James Comey is a great example of how you're firedthe seeds of national insanity are sewn. Trump first said he fired Comey because of the way he handled the Hillary Clinton Email investigations and announcements. Then he said he fired Comey based on a memo sent to him by Rod Rosenstein the U.S. Assistant Attorney General. And…finally he told Lester Holt of NBC news that neither of the stories were accurate. He said he had always intended to fire Comey.  Heads were spinning so fast as to cause spinal discs to crack and cause the paralysis of some tweet consumers.

With all of this energy being expended one has to believe that Psychiatrists, Chiropractors and the Clergy are being kept busy 24/7 by people who appear to be in an advanced state of confusion. Medical professionals might call it disorientation or in a more extreme state it might be referred to as delirium. Finally when this “confusion” reaches a critical mass it becomes dementia and journalists run from their cubicles screaming, “Fake news, fake news, it’s all fake news.”

Donald Trump is literally driving the press and his detractors stark, raving mad. His behavior is the most successful attack on our sensibilities since Mussolini and Hitler of the 1930s convinced the press and public that they were the saviors of European civilization. They were portrayed at the time as, “a little rough around the edges”, but still political geniuses. Even the prestigious New York Times praised Fascism when they and others commonly credited it with returning turbulent Italy to what it called “normalcy.” Shortly after, when Hitler began his assent to power, he was often described as “The German Mussolini”. (Read more:

So where does that leave us? Well, we are so entwined in Trump’s most recent tweets we tend to forget about what he’s done in the meantime like gutting Medicaid and abolishing Obamacare with the result being that millions of Americans, many of which are children and the elderly, will have no healthcare options at all. We quickly forget that his attack on climate change and elimination of funding to fight it will leave more millions of Americans struggling for breath in the polluted air they are forced to breathe. Our President’s tweeting directs attention away from the cuts in medical research, education, and food assistance and re-appropriates those dollars to an already bloated Defense budget.

Donald Trump’s masterful use of smoke and mirrors can cause you to miss port of New Yorkthe sleight of hand that makes you think the entire Port of New York disappeared. While you contemplate that impossibility one of his associates is quietly lifting your wallet from your back pocket. And….when you come to your senses and complain that you’ve been robbed, you are told, “It’s your fault! that wouldn’t have happened if you had a gun”. Despite being a victim you are blamed for your own abuse and lectured about the second amendment while the thief has a huge steak at “Outback” at your expense.

So, is Donald Trump crazy or crazy like a fox? Are all these tweets the manifestation of a mind with the attention span of a snakes tongue or areconfusion they part of a diabolically clever strategist who has learned that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but you can confuse the hell out of them. Once done they will forget the outrageous things you did last week and concentrate instead on your latest charge that Custer’s last stand didn’t really happen. It was the result of Sitting Bull hiring a New York Public Relations firm to ensure his place in history.

The Italians would call this an assault on our equilibrium, or “Assalto al nostro equilibrio”. And each time the dizziness begins to wear off, we are struck again with a seemingly endless stream of alternative facts that claim that equilibrium causes job loss and is bad for the economy.

Does this blog make sense? Probably not. But neither does the world of President Donald Trump in which he is systematically destroying the accomplishments of his predecessor – not necessarily because they were bad, but because Trump resents him.

I am glad that I am closer to the end of life than to the beginning. It will take much younger, smarter and more energetic people than me to take back our values and restore us to sanity, if that is even possible.

shakespeare“Life … is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”
― William ShakespeareMacbeth




And….from where I sit, that’s the truth.



One thought on “Trump’s Tweets — A Form of Emotional Terrorism

  1. Great piece once again, Bob… the tweets have made our nation crazy indeed as we attempt to keep up with the constant barrage of information on our senses. And attempting to sort it out has indeed distracted us, which may be the intention from the start. Glad to see you had a few minutes to do some writing… we miss you both!


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