Keillor, Lauer Fired. Trump, Franken Keep Jobs.

harassment trumpWriting this blog is a risk because the list of principals involved will likely grow by the time I publish it.

As I started to write the TV in front of me showed a picture of Garrison Keillor, the Minnesota Public Radio superstar. He hadkeillor been fired because of inappropriate sexual behavior. Garrison is the first person accused of late that I knew. We were never close friends but I worked side-by-side with him for a couple of years when he had a morning radio show on MPR.

Keillor, of course, is not alone among celebrities being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior but something strange is happening. We’ve always had accusations like this, you may remember Anita Hill testifying against Clarence Thomas in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. She was belittled and ignored and Thomas was confirmed. The difference now is that the women making the charges are being taken seriously and the accused violators are paying a price thanks to Anita Hill and women like her.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that must be addressed in two ways. 1) How do we deal with violators? 2) What do we do to change the culture that objectifies women?

One could logically expect that our political leaders would offer us some guidance but they aren’t. It is the private sector that is taking the lead in immediately punishing those accused of improper behavior. Elected officials go through a “process” that rarely, if ever results in anyone being thrown out of office. There is no real expulsion process other than the next election. Both the private and public sectors need to seriously address the cultural issue as well and as far as we can tell, its only getting lip service.

spaceyThe recent spate of accusations started when Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused by 83 women of various acts of sexual impropriety. Then we heard about actor Kevin Spacey, journalist Marv Halperin,  New York Times White House reporter Glenn Thrush, Today Show host Matt Lauer, U.S. Senator Al Franken, CBS/PBS anchor Charlie Rose and of course, Judge Roy Moore to name just a few.

So what does all of this mean? Well, it is still working itself out but something amazing is happening. People are believing the accusers and taking action. Weinstein lost his businesses his clients, his friends and may wind up in criminal court. Kevin Spacey was fired as were Glenn Thrush, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor. Senator Al Franken will be investigated by the U.S. Senate Ethics committee and we don’t know yet what will become of Judge Roy Moore. Strangely, the most visible and powerful of all them has not been fired nor disciplined and he won’t be. That’s because he is the President of the United States.

Donald J. Trump’s record is perfectly clear. We already know that he is as Ted Cruz so eloquently stated, “a pathological liar, incapable of telling the truth.” We also know he displays psychotic tendencies. If he lived in the “real world” would he tweet incessantly, pick fights with Gold Star mothers, deny that it is him on the Access access hollywoodHollywood tape, and continue to relive his Presidential campaign? Those are all reasons enough to distrust him. But this blog is about sexual misbehavior and that is an area in which our President excels. As evidence of that claim I offer the following short list:

  • 16 women have accused President Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual behavior. 16 women with 16 different stories. Trump said they are all liars and that he would sue them. He hasn’t. When 16 women come forward we are dealing with a serial offender.
  • He was recorded in the Access Hollywood bus talking about his aggressiveness, how he can’t stop kissing women and that because he was a star he could “Grab ‘em by the pussy.” Billy Bush was a witness, the audio engineers were witnesses. There is no doubt it is Trump on the tape. Also, when the tape first emerged he admitted it was him and called it “locker room talk,” and apologized on national TV. How can he now say it wasn’t him? The Access Hollywood tape, though, is not a lone example.
  • Newsweek magazine has some 15 hours of tape recordings of Trump appearances on the Howard Stern radio show. Stern is known as a “Shock jock” Sex is usually a topic of discussion with his guests and Donald Trump loved discussing the subject. On the Stern show he boasted going backstage when his Miss Universe pageant contestants were naked. He admitted that he groped Melania in public prior to their marriage. He agreed with Stern that his daughter is a “piece of ass,” and admitted to describing women’s genitalia as “expensive.” He also said that if Ivanka was not his daughter he would probably date her.

The above examples don’t even scratch the surface in terms of Trump’s inappropriate behavior around and about women. If you want a complete timeline and the accusations you can go to

Trump, like some others who have been accused of various sexual improprieties call their accusers, “Liars.” Stop and think about that, what does a woman have to gain by telling an embarrassing story publicly if it isn’t true? The news media doesn’t pay for interviews and there are so many women making claims like these it’s unlikely a TV network or motion picture company is going to pay the women for their stories, very few of the women file suit so why speak out if what they are saying is not true? There’s no monetary or any other reward for doing so. The fact is you might be able to make a case for one or two lying, but 16? I don’t think so.

YouNBC, CBS/PBS, The New York Times fired people based on very few complaints. I once fired a man for inappropriate behavior based on two complaints. It’s what is called firing for cause. In an employment situation the employer becomes judge and jury. That’s always been true and is as it should be. If you work for me you follow my rules or you can find another job. Donald Trump works for us. He has at least 16 complaints against him for unwanted touching, suggestions and language. TheIvanka trump people who hired him, that’s all of us, ought to fire him. He is an embarrassment who is not worthy of the office he holds. It is bad enough that he has treated 16 women so poorly that they felt they had to expose themselves to public scrutiny and embarrassment but when you add to that the depraved manner in which he talked about his daughter, his own daughter it is easy to ask for his resignation. His words and actions are disgraceful and perverted.

trumpDonald J. Trump has no business holding the highest office in the land. He doesn’t have the moral character nor the intellectual capacity for the job, but beyond that I think there is ample evidence to suggest that he is mentally ill and needs professional help.

And…from where I sit that’s the truth


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