Trump – Narcissism Meets Self Deception

foergive and forgetNarcissism.  “A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts.”

This post will inflame the Trump supporters. I know that and I am doing it purposely. Not to inflame them but to continue to unmask the fraud and possible traitor who occupies the White House.

I am well aware that when I write these blogs that those who agree will praise them and those who don’t will not. Nevertheless I am so concerned about the direction of the country, I feel compelled to speak out.

Donald Trump is systematically attempting to destroy our constitution, our institutions and our way of life. I don’t believe that he opposes, or dislikes them or that he is anti-American. I think his sole motivation is that he is pro-Trump. If it’s good for him, it’s good for the country. Everything is about him. He cannot take criticism, cannot take responsibility and cannot act like an adult. His dismantling of Obama programs is probably more vindictive than ideological.

Trump is a master at telling audiences what they want to hear. His rallies are good examples. He believes that if he says something his live audience likes that the whole world agrees. He needs recognition and praise, he needs adulation. Compliments are his fuel. Anyone who heaps praise on him will be a friend for life. He probably has some conservative leanings but I doubt that he has any strong political beliefs.

The Republican Congress, though, has given up its integrity and its dignity. His worst enemies during the campaign are now among his greatest supporters. They have given up their independence in ordersycophant to act as a pep squad for the Trump machine. This powerful body of sycophants has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that party loyalty and staying in office are more important to them than the constitution and the country they swore to protect.

The Republican party and Congress with few exceptions continue to defend Trump’s tweets and the disparagement of the intelligence community, the Justice Department, the FBI and his strange if not traitorous association with Vladimir Putin. Those actions alone should make it perfectly clear that Donald Trump lied when he swore to defend the constitution of the United States. He will lie about anything if doing so will help him advance his agenda.

Only a very small number of Republican officeholders have had the courage to stand up to Donald Trump but most of them are backsliding.  A chorus of praise has become the norm like Utah Senator Orin Hatch’s display of brown-nosing over passing the tax bill. It was not only shameful, it was undignified and unbecoming of a U.S. Senator. Many of his Congressional colleagues are not much better, they cave before the bellicosity that is Trump, A man so uniquely unqualified to hold the presidency that he likely met the demands of the Peter Principle when he was 15.

Trump’s level of competence doesn’t match that of a congressional page but throughtreat thepatient sheer chutzpah, lies and threats he sits as the most powerful man in the world. He has the power to destroy nations but lacks the mental capacity to know friend from foe. You can gain his favor with insincere flattery and trigger his rage with the slightest criticism. His temperament is that of a colicky child. Trump seems more intent on dismantling everything his predecessor did with little or no emphasis on solving the problems we face.

Trump is so thin-skinned, so combative and so sure there’s a conspiracy behind his every setback that he is unable to concentrate for any length of time on the issues that will affect our nation for decades to come. He is so easily distracted that he is likely to abandon debate on a critical issue in order to engage in a tweet battle with a Gold Star Mother or a Football player. And, on the rare occasion that he does pay attention to issues, you can never be sure of his commitment. He is as likely to forget it or change his mind as he is to keep his word. While he has had few legislative victories he has by executive order and by the authority of his office created havoc. Here are just a few examples. He has:

  • Alienated old friends like the UK, Germany, Australia and Canada.
  • Made every attempt to leave millions without healthcare
  • Attacked and threatened to pull out of the United Nations
  • Virtually destroyed the U.S. Department of Educationno collusion
  • Pulled the teeth from the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Gutted the State Department
  • Slashed protective regulations to ensure greater corporate profits
  • Promoted and passed a tax bill that will enrich the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, the elderly, the disabled and children.
  • Continually lies to Americans. In his first ten months in office, he told over 1,600 easily documented lies. Many of them were repeats of earlier lies. Ted Cruz called him a “pathological liar,” and he was and is right. Strangely, the gutless Cruz has become a Trump supporter despite Trump’s campaign attacks on Cruz’ wife and father.
  • Most important Trump steadfastly refuses to say anything critical of Vladimir Putin the dictator who supports terrorists, interfered with our election and challenges our military at every turn.

The President of the United States has the authority to launch an atomic attack whenever he chooses. Since the bomb’s development in 1945, though, no one has worried excessively about the misuse of that power – until now. Trump is so emotionally unstable and immature he could order an attack at the slightest provocation and no one can stop him.  No one can stop him.

and…from  where I sit, that’s the truth


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