Alien Visitor, “We Could Save You But You’re Not Worth It”



 Unexplained signals from deep space could be PROOF of intelligent alien life!

Headlines like the one above are not uncommon in supermarket tabloids. What if an alien did visit here? What would they think? I’ll answer both questions after I provide you with some background.Recently I published my first novel, “The Roswell Deception” on Kindle books. It is a

Roswell Deception cover merged 2 Sci-Fi novel that centers on the discovery of a billion-year-old earth civilization that no one knew existed. This highly advanced society has science and technology we have not yet begun to dream about. The discovery is kept under wraps in Lechuuguilla Cave which is near Roswell, New Mexico. Yes, THAT Roswell, the one of  1947 flying saucer fame that put Area 51 on the map.

As I worked on the book, I thought about the society in which we live today and what an advanced civilization might think of us. I thought about what would happen if they made contact with us. Let’s assume that one day NASA receives a video transmission from one of them. It might go something like this.

“Greetings. I am Vokshuur from the constellation Alpha Centauri.

We are from the nearest star system to your sun a mere 1.34 parsecs from earth, that’s about four and a half light-years or 25.8 trillion miles away.

Our system is about 7 billion years old and I live on the planet Gzork in Alpha Centauri B. Gzork has about 13 percent more mass than earth. We are bigger, older, wiser and far more advanced than are you. We’ve been watching you closely and are disturbed by what we’ve witnessed because you have so much potential to do good things for the human race and ultimately the universe.

I am communicating with you not to persuade you to accept our science because you won’t even accept your own and anyway we don’t really care what you believe but we hope this explanation will help you to understand why we have given up on you. Judging from our observation of your race I doubt that many of you will watch this to its end, I hope you do because we’d like to give you the opportunity to comment.  We, of course, will pay close attention to what you say even though at this point we place little trust in you and your governments.

As we watch you from our heavenly perch we are astounded not only at the lack of ship twogood judgment but at the arrogance of some of your citizens. Some of you pretend to have almost Godly powers. For example, in August 2012, the North Carolina legislature banned the sea from rising. The state passed a law disallowing policymakers and planners from using the best predictions available for how high the sea levels would go. In doing so they totally disregarded prevailing scientific evidence that a 40-inch rise in the ocean would be completed in the next century. Lacking any verifiable evidence to prove their point, this divinely inspired legislature reduced the increase to a few inches short of a foot. This bit of legislative legerdemain, of course, won’t save your beach house but it will allow some people to rest easy until their home floats away and they find the Kennedy Center in their backyard. Can you understand earthlings, why we are confused?

What would you think if you ran into a people who rejected logic and proven science? You may as well deny mathematics, too. If you deny that 2 + 2 equals 4 long enough, it will become true and at some point, you will be able to get five pounds of tomatoes in a 4-pound bag.

We watched the North Carolina legislative shenanigans in good humor, thinking no one could take them seriously, but our logical minds were found to be lacking. A lot of people took them seriously, even a candidate named Donald Trump.

So, fast-forward to just after noon on January 20, 2017, and we are now faced with the fact that wishing away scientific reality has become national policy. The anti intellectualismAmerican White House has dismissed a slew of scientific realities and eliminated funding for research that could save thousands of lives. For example, now in America, climate change has officially ceased to exist. Some of the rest of the world still accepts it but your anti-intellectuals decided it cost too much and to let future generations deal with it if it is real.

Of course, people of earth, you may not have any future generations.

Slowly we watched the anti-science anti-intellectual movement take hold. Our people watched your news reports with interest and dumb-struck awe. When you humans get on an anti-anything roll, you really go to war. You are into denying everything. Your new motto seems to be, “If you don’t like it, deny it because it’s probably “Fake.”

At first, we thought your new President was all bluster and would quickly “Grow” into the office. When he took the posture of being anti-climate change we thought that maybe he had made his point and would back off. Wrong again. That’s the problem when you come from a logic-based society and are trying to evaluate someone who is not only totally illogical but will lie to support his point. That blows our cosmic minds. Now we learn he will appoint an anti-vaccine czar and also an anti-regulation zealot to run your food and Drug Administration. Regulations are established to protect the public we’ll surmise that the movement would not go very far if he called it anti-protection.

The deniers are out in full force. They’ve called the scientific fact that asbestos causes cancer a “Con” and – this one had us all calling our psychiatrists – they refuse to believe California had a drought. The denials are so absurd it is almost impossible to refute them because no sooner do you start attacking one than they have started three more. No one can keep up.

We have observed that the human race is an odd mixture of fears, dreams, contradictions, greed, and fanaticism. You claim compassion and concern for human life but engage in wars that go on for years and usually result in the mass killing of innocent bystanders while causing other millions to become refugees who you refuse to help because they are a threat. It makes no sense.

Strangely as your race matured your people became increasingly lazy and less knowledgeable. Many of you, maybe a majority don’t like to read or research or even think about issues that can seriously affect your lives. You are like a small army of robots trained to perform functions but not think. You prefer to repeat what so-called “pundits” or news hosts say and whose only claim to credibility is their celebrity, not their knowledge. You like to apply simple solutions to highly complex problems and you fail because you don’t do your homework. You proved that theory when you elected someone just like you to be President of the United States. Our studies are reinforced by your own earthly studies that indicate Trump’s ability to communicate his positions on highly complex issues in 140 characters or less is well above par for his age group. Actually, he is one of few in his age group who actively tweets.

Many if not most of you look down on Intellectuals. Highly–educated people like scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and others who do careful research and have impeccable credentials, are dismissed because you won’t even try to understand and consider what they have to say. They offer clear and irrefutable evidence of massive and deadly climate change taking place and one or two leading non-thinkers will say, “Not true,” with no compelling evidence and the threat disappears.

In the Universal community, we are not the only ones watching you, Think of yourselves as a youngster’s science project because it is from that perspective and with those viewpoints that we monitor your activities. You are a society of so many contradictions we cannot keep up. You accept the existence of God pretty much on faith because there really is no concrete scientific evidence that he or she exists, but you won’t accept well-studied and proven science and easily dismiss it as fantasy. Once again we must ask you, can you see why we are so confused, so perplexed? What you are doing makes no sense, it isn’t happening on any other planet in the universe. We really are trying to understand but we are at the outer limit of patience. We came here to help, but we’ve decided we can’t help what we don’t understand. Frankly, you scare us. Can you see how all of your unpredictable moves and positions causes us great stress?

To use an earthly phrase, the “dumbing down” of the human race is directly tied to the ramping up of science and technology. Everywhere else we’ve been in the universe the reverse is true. It seems that only on planet earth are we faced with this paradox. The easier it is for humans to get information, the less they want it. While you are confused by intellectuals we are confused by your penchant for simplicity. Some topics don’t lend themselves to simple explanation It seems that your motto is, “If you can’t tweet it, it isn’t worth reading or listening to. We’ve reviewed studies on your planet conducted by the TV networks and they pretty much agree that the public mentality is that they expect major news stories to be explained in a tweet. In-depth coverage should not exceed a minute.

Some humans will blindly follow their leaders even if they are acknowledged despots that have been proven to be untrustworthy and duplicitous. Our Social psychologists attribute that unquestioning loyalty to long-standing parental and educational caveats that dictate,“The authorities should be obeyed because they are in the best position to know what is good for our country”. A very large segment of Earthly society truly believes that “Obedience and respect for authority are the most important virtues children should learn.” They blindly follow that Pied Piper type of musical hypnosis without considering the consequences for their fellow Homo sapiens even if they are led off the edge of a cliff.

Your evolution has turned you into a land and civilization of greed. You want support for yourself, your family and the elderly, but you don’t’ want to pay for it. You want all the services local, state and federal governments can provide – but you don’t want to be taxed for them. You want clean air, water, and good environmental management unless it costs you something. And—for some unexplainable reason you think it is OK for the rich to get richer and the poor to fend for themselves. There are so many contradictions our fastest and most efficient artificial intelligence bots refuse to process it. They tell us it is all so illogical as to be like trying to breathe in a vacuum. They fear trying to process the contradictions might cause them to blow circuits.

Finally, we find it very difficult to understand an intelligent race of people who are all physiologically the same but who judge each other on the color of skin, their sexual preference, their ethnic background, their educational level, the part of town in which they live, and their economic status. Look at yourselves from our perspective and I think you will understand our confusion and disappointment.

This is how we from Alpha Centauri view your race. It is a race that one day will destroy itself and while we could help we cannot think of a reason to do so. The universe will likely not miss a race in such conflict with logic and reason.

I know many of you will won’t like this message and will deny its truths. But — your denial proves my point. We are through watching you, it is too depressing. We came because we thought we could help. We now know there is no reason to help. If you want to exist for a longer time in the universal community, you have to make some changes or you won’t even be a sentence in the earthly history book.

Sent on behalf of all intelligent beings on the cosmos.

spaceshipThank you but I doubt anyone made it this far. If you did I’ll summarize in tweet length. “Earthlings, we came to save you. you’re not worth it. Goodbye!”

One thought on “Alien Visitor, “We Could Save You But You’re Not Worth It”

  1. I agree with the alien visitor.
    It’s also why I figure that robots will eventually destroy us: If the aim is to create a thinking machine, how can the machine fail to arrive at the conclusion that the human race is the enemy of the planet? Any robot with a drop of self preservation will sigh and begin the eradication.

    If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.


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