Donald Trump V The Idioms

Syria, North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia may decide the fate of the Trump Presidency. Let me explain. Soon our president will face the convergence of two idioms.  “The chickens come home to roost”, and “He has an albatross around his neck.” Those two expressions are related and they apply to our President. Chickens coming […]

Comey and Rogers Drop Bombshells on Trump

Today I watched the entire U.S. House Intelligence Committee hearing staring FBI Director James Comey and NSA (National Security Agency) Director Mike Rogers for the entire span of the meeting. It was nearly six hours long and could have ended shortly after Comey read his prepared statement because that was the news and all the […]

With Trump All Roads Lead to Moscow

A whole lot of people are asking a whole lot of questions about the Trump administration’s connections to Russia. President Trump says all the stories about his friends in the Kremlin are, “Fake news,” there is nothing to them. Furthermore, he says the so-called Russian connection is a product of the Clinton campaign that is […]